Al Bijjar Trading (FZC) Is Agent Of Following Companies.




M/s Claudius Peters Technologies., Germany.

Scope Of Supply : Stockyard, Pneumatic Conveying, Fluidcon, Silo Technology, Clinker Cooling, Packing & Dispatch.

Claudius Peters supply products for Cement, Gypsum, Alumina, Marine, Power Plants, Aero Space & Building Materials.


Al Bijjar Trading Is Agent Of Claudius Peters For: UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia.




 M/s Howden Solyvent-Ventec, France.


Scope Of Supply : Industrial Fans i.e. AxialFans, CentrifugalFans, Compressors, Heaters etc.


Al Bijjar Trading Is Agent Of Howden For: UAE & Oman.





M/s The Siam Refractory Industry, Thailand.


Scope Of Supply : Fireclay, High Alumina , Basic & Insulating Bricks, Castables, Mortars, Gunning & Ramming Mixes, Spraying & Patching Materials, Plastic Refractory.


Al Bijjar Trading Is Agent Of Siam Refractory For: UAE*, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia*

*Exclude some customers in these territories.





M/s Skamol A/S, Denmark.


Scope Of Supply : Insulation Products includingBricks, Boards, Mortar, Aggregate etc.

Al Bijjar Trading Is Agent Of Skamol For : Middle East.





M/s Standard Industrie, France.


Scope of Supply : Blockages &  Build-ups Removal, Industrial Vacuum Cleaning, Conveyor Belts Optimization, Silos & Hoppers Cleaning Services.


Al Bijjar Trading Is Agent Of Standard Industrie  For: UAE, Oman & Saudi Arabia.




M/s UPKING, Kurimoto, Japan.


Scope Of Supply : UP Plates (Chromium Carbide Overlay Plates), Pipes & Fabricated Items.


Al Bijjar Trading Is Agent Of UP Plate For: Whole Middle East.